Welcome to the Pacific Atlantic Bike Race

The PacAt is an entirely unsupported race and is intended for racers who are experienced with being on the road supporting themselves with their own resources and and what they can find for along the route.

This is a race for those who are comfortable with managing their own affairs on a bike for an extended period of time over many days. It is a bike-packing race where the racer will be responsible for foraging for food, supplies, repairs if necessary and accommodation - which might be in a bivvy behind a hedge or in a seedy motel on the side of the road or whatever you can find - fleas an all.


This race will not always be won by the fastest racer but the racer who can endure under the most difficult of cycling circumstances. The fastest racer could complete the course in ten days or less where for others who want the challenge and experience of completing a race where the rider carries everything they need on their bike, this might take longer. The race is open to everyone who has the determination to see it through to the end.


This race is not for the weekend warrior, you must be in top physical and mental condition. We do not plan to assess each racer, but you will know if you are ready for this unique cycling challenge and are able to survive and continue racing when all you want to do is to lay down and sleep.

America is a land full of welcoming people but you must accept that you cannot accept any help from anyone who is not prepared to offer the same help to every other competitor.

The race start is on the sea front, and whilst the start will be a mass one, the finish will be a lonely but  exalting one. Much if not all the race will also be a lonely endeavor. The race is a non-drafting event and you can expect to ride many hundreds of miles out of sight of any other racer.

You will cross America on navigable paved roads from the Pacific to the Atlantic using the southern tier route designed by Adventure Cycling and you will see it and experience it all from the seat on your bike.


Ken Jessett

Race Director